The Traveling Diabetic


Someone decided that the August running challenge should include hills. 2,500m of hills to be exact.
Not that we have a shortage of hills in our part of paradise, with every route heading up mountains to some extent.
However, my normal route is along next to the estuary which only has 72m change in elevation. This is because it has good street lights, which although summer is approaching most of my running starts in the dark, and because its a pretty route with the moon shining on the water on the way out, and the start of the sunrise on the return.
I’m also a tad cautious when it comes to hills as I strained my achilles tendon a few years ago training up hills, which took a painful eighteen months to heal.
A real surprise listening to a podcast by Dr. Tim Noakes (1) talking about the findings of research tracking athletes who are using his Low Carbohydrate, High Fat (LCHF) lifestyle where tendonitis has disappeared, or healed rapidly on a low carb diet.
As high blood sugars seem to stir up a bunch of tendon trouble (tendons thicken with blood sugar and more likely to tear), regulating blood sugars is probably the key factor. Which, I do through an ultra low carbohydrate diet and plenty of exercise.
Perhaps I’ll include hills once a week and see how my body responds.

Blood sugars

Fasting 5,4 mmol/L (target 4 – 6mmol/L)

2 hours after meals 5,3 mmol/L (target, less than 7.8 mmol/L)

Weight 87Kg

Diabetic Carbs 27g (ideal daily target, less than 20g)

Traveling diabetic #25



Jan here.

Larger than normal jump in my blood sugars after my morning run. Body screaming for extra energy to cope with the hills and unaccustomed altitude?

Some good news as elevated blood sugars only seems to kick in when exercising above ones VO2 max (maximum or peak volume of oxygen consumed in exhaustive exercise). Although this does make me wonder if I’m only ‘coasting’ the rest of the time!

Jenny made a delicious diabetic sensitive meal on the Weber with boereworse wrapped in cheese and bacon. Served with cold grilled veggies and a tomato and avocado salad. Mum’s cream and strawberry cake not an option.

A lazy Border Collie puppy.

Blood sugars

Low 5.3 mmol/L (Fasting target 4 – 6mmol/L)

High 7.3 mmol/L (2 hours after meal target, less than 7.8 mmol/L)

Weight 86Kg