Traveling diabetic #15


Jan here.

With the flooding, meal options are limited as most of the Town is without power and under water. The floodwaters stop outside the entrance of the hotel and there is about a 1lm stretch of road that is slightly elevated before dropping down to the floodwaters. The hospital, schools and civic buildings are along this stretch, with a block of the old town commercial buildings.

The hotel has done a great job of ensuring we get a good breakfast, we have found another coffee shop, Star Coffee Roastery near one of the ferry points, that while crowded and full of cigarette smoke, serves a good coffee. A Minimart had cashew nuts and we were grateful to find the Hoianian Wine Bar operating. 

Not a place we would normally go to with its loud music and expensive wine list. However, despite being soaked and a tad bedraggled, the welcome was warm, the seating was comfortable, the decor, with its huge bronze Buddha, fascinating. Good wine and the service, excellent. It was also interesting to see how they had used portraits of Hoi An characters on the walls of the wine bar, and how people engaged with these silent patrons. 

Blood sugars
High 6.3 mmol/L
Low 4.3 mmol/L