Grab Bag

Security training for working in conflict countries, a ‘Grab Bag’ is a mandatory item. This is your emergency survival bag that accompanies you everywhere.

Having been caught on a few occasions without my meds at the times I should have taken them, and not being able to determine my blood sugar as I didn’t have my meter with me, I decided that I needed to have a ‘Grab Bag’.

Carrying my camera, to capture ideas and inspiration for my paintings, meant that I already had a functional light weight bag (montbell) that was water resistant and comfortable enough to tote around with me. All it needed was adaptation to the life of a diabetic.

It’s soft and small enough to fit into my daypack, or into the tote bag for shopping so that I’m still only carrying one bag that leaves my hands free.

Diabetic additions
Blood-sugar meter, lancets and test strips
Disinfectant wipes
Glucose tablets and carb free snack bars
Glucophase tablets,
Insulin pen,
Spare needles for insulin pen
Diabetic emergency information card (doctors contacts, blood group, type of diabetes, medication, medical-aid details, emergency contact)

Usual contents